Pathogenic E. Coli – Podcast News and Excuses

For the past two weeks I’ve been either rushing to the bathroom, doubled over in pain, or both. It reminded me a lot of Peace Corps actually. This was the first time I’ve had any major GI issues since Peace Corps, which I assumed hardened my gut and made it impervious to illness. Boy was I wrong.

Thanks to PC training, I knew that I should be replacing fluids and to avoid taking anti-diareahal medication–let the body do it’s thing! I mixed up several batches of oral rehydration salts (ORS). While doing so, I wondered if the women of my cooperative or local health clinic ever used ORS since I taught them.

Turns out I had pathogenic E. coli. Normally your body passes it after a few days and you recover. I’m one of the lucky ones and required antibiotics. Can I get some praise for Cipro?!

All of this is to say that I don’t have a new interview for you. I’m finally back on the mend though, so look forward to a new episode next week.

Oh, and did you hear? I’m interviewing Peace Corps Director Olsen this Friday!

If you want me to ask a specific questions to current Peace Corps Director Jody Olsen, let me know here:

See you next week!