COSing – Tyler Lloyd, Peace Corps Podcast Host

After 27 months of the My Peace Corps Story podcast, I’m closing this chapter of the podcast. The podcast isn’t over though. I plan to come back to the show with a new format. Producing weekly podcasts was an ambitious undertaking but immensely rewarding. I thank each and everyone of you, whether you were a guest or listener or both. Thank you for all those 5-star reviews on Apple Podcasts. Thank you for the shares, likes, and reposts. Thank you for the comments and most importantly thank you for the criticism. It has been my pleasure to help share so many amazing stories over the past two years.

In the coming months, as I take some time off, please continue to share the show. I would especially appreciate it if you help recruit new people to interview. If you know someone who has an great story, please sent them here: Share Your Story.

Remember, every volunteer has a story. What’s yours?