Happy National Peace Corps Week – Return of the Podcast

National Peace Corps Week

Happy National Peace Corps Week! This episode marks the return of the My Peace Corps Story podcast. After taking a few months off, I’m starting the show up again. The show will now be a monthly podcast for the time being. If I feel that I have the time, I’ll happily increase the frequency to two or more episodes a month but I’d hate to overcommit and fall short.

This week, in honor of National Peace Corps Week, I would like to share three speeches from President John F. Kennedy. As you likely already know, JFK founded the Peace Corps in 1961. In this episode you’ll hear JFK’s address to Congress on Executive Order 10924, which established the Peace Corps. Following that clip, I found an awesome promo video about the Peace Corps with a fireside chat speech from Kennedy. Rounding out the episode, I have a 1962 speech that JFK delivered to a group of 600 Peace Corps volunteers on the south lawn of White House. I hope you enjoy them.

Again, happy Peace Corps Week!



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