From Volunteer to Emmy-Winning Filmmaker – Bryn Mooser, The Gambia 2001-04

As a Volunteer in The Gambia, Bryn worked to rehabilitate the country’s highly deforested environment. He also volunteered outside of his community, helping to build two schools in nearby villages. But Bryn’s drive to serve didn’t end with the Peace Corps. After Haiti’s devastating earthquake in 2010, he traveled to the island and helped build what became Haiti’s largest secondary school.

In Haiti, Bryn discovered his passion for filmmaking and co-directed the documentary “Baseball in the Time of Cholera,” an award-winning film about the outbreak of cholera in post-earthquake Haiti.

“Every job I have had since service was greatly helped by my time in the Peace Corps. Coming out of the Peace Corps shows that you have personal drive and strength,” said Bryn. [source: Peace Corps]



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