Ep #005: Haley Erickson, Guatemala 2009

While in training, Haley Erickson was Administratively Separated from the Peace Corps, kicked out before she swore in and began her service. She talks about her short time in Guatemala and what happened.

On this Episode:

  • Haley talks about her favorite memories of Peace Corps training in Guatemala.
  • We delve into the story of why Haley was Administratively Separated.
  • How Haley’s short time in Peace Corps continues to shape the way she sees the world and conducts herself as a professional.

Photos from Haley’s Story

Haley’s Peace Corps Story

Where and when did you serve? What did you do?

Guatemala 2009

What is one of your favorite Peace Corps memories?

I met some lifelong friends that I still keep in touch with almost 10 years later. One of the best times though was at a Mother’s Day celebration with my host family. We all danced and played limbo!

What is one of your least favorite Peace Corps memories?

Leaving the country after getting kicked out.

What do you miss about the Peace Corps?

I miss seeing my fellow trainee friends every day for Spanish class. We had an amazing Spanish teacher who taught us what we needed to know in a really fun way. I also miss the Guatemalan way of life, which moves at a much slower pace and is always centered on family.

What is something you learned in Peace Corps that has stayed with you?

Oddly enough, and I actually hated doing this when I was there, but they literally forced us to shake hands with people before leaving a room of people we had just met. I do that now when doing business and it makes me feel more confident and connected in a weird way.


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