Dear listeners, I apologize. I can do better.

At the start of each episode, I ask that my listeners leave a review and I let you all know that I want to know what you think so I can better serve my audience. When I say that, I mean it. 

Given a recent review, I’ve realized that I haven’t been doing as good of a job as I can producing a podcast that is the best that it can be. I’m sorry for that. 

This most recent review was from Circle. Don’t know if that’s your actual name, but thank you Circle for taking the time to leave a review.

Here’s what they write:

Circle, I thank you for your criticisms. You’re right. You are a hundred percent right and it’s something that I’ve known about.

I started this podcast because I wanted to get better at interviewing people and speaking off-the-cuff. When I started, I used the interview questions as prompts to sort of guide the conversation.
More than prompts, those questions became crutches. 

I haven’t pushed myself to be a better interviewer to engage with a person who is coming on the show, giving up their time to tell their story. It is a disservice to them and it’s a disservice to you the listener

For that, I apologize. I am sorry. 

Moving forward, I’m going to get better. It may be slow and incremental but I’m going to do a better job and I hope you guys see that because I did want to start this to be a better interviewer and speaker.

Circle, thank you for leaving your review. It is much appreciated and I value you as a listener. 




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  1. Honest! I love it. I look forward to seeing more growth and improvement, and learning from the PCVs and RPCVs.

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