Bonus Episode – Guest Host Sheev Davé Interviews Me

After reading my Peace Corps memoir, Sheev had several questions and comments that he sent me in an e-mail. This started the idea to have in on the show, both as a guest (Episode #011) and as a host. We talk about the writing process, my service, and my unfiltered, raw account of my time in the Peace Corps.

Here are some of the questions he sent, not all of which I touched on:

Comment: Nice touch adding photos at the end of each chapter. Helped give context to the characters.

Response: Thanks!

C: You know MSG is horrible for you right?

R: So horrible! I don’t eat it now, but damn it sure makes things tasty.

Question: What’s your opinion on the usage of cell phones and electronics today? You mentioned the moments of silence between two people just sitting in-country was actually pretty nice compared the urge of pulling out your cell phone to “fill the silence with other sensory stimuli.”A: Very mixed. Given that I produce

A: Very mixed. Given that I produce podcast, make videos, websites, etc. I depend on people using their cell phone. I try to, however, make sure I use technology as a tool to enhance my life rather than distract me from life.

Q: What was your favorite in-country food? Mine was fried chicken or this fried bread called Magenta

A: Futu and peanut sauce!

Q: Did the Ebola outbreak affect your service in any way? The Botswana Ministry of Health has outbreak preparedness which we had to go through at the public health office I worked at.

A: I left right as it was becoming an issue.

What to know the rest of my story? Check out my book, Service Disrupted