Ep #042: Nathan Fitch, Micronesia 2004-2007

May 8, 2018

Nathan Fitch is a filmmaker and visual journalist based in Brooklyn. He currently works in the video department of The New Yorker and recently finished his first documentary film, Island Solider, based in Micronesia, where served as a Peace Corps Volunteer. […]


Ep #041: Anna McGillicuddy, Thailand 2017-Now

May 1, 2018

During a recent trip to Thailand, I was lucky enough to have the chance to sit down with a current volunteer and learn about her service. Seated on the patio of a restaurant and Chiang Mai, I interview Anna McGillcuddy, a Youth Development Peace Corps Volunteer in northern Thailand.  […]


Ep #040: Joseph Braccio, Niger 2007-2008

April 24, 2018

Joseph started his vacation by being robbed at machete-point and thought it could only get better from there. He was wrong. Listen to his Peace Corps Niger story filled with successes and struggles, and learn why he had to end his service early.  […]


Ep #039: Earth Day and RPCVs for Environmental Action

April 17, 2018

Peace Corps Volunteers serve around the globe, working in local communities to drive change from the ground up. In celebration of Earth Day, I talk with three RPCVs about their service and the environment. From droughts in Tanzania, to rising seas in Kiribati, to receding glaciers in Georgia, these volunteers saw the impacts of climate change first hand.  […]


Ep #038: Keith Petit, China 2009-2011

April 10, 2018

Keith Petit is both a fellow RPCV and podcaster, host of the Expatriate Act podcast. As an English teacher in China, he worked to break his students out of the mold of rote memorization while navigating around sensitive cultural topics such as Tibet and Tiananmen Square.  […]


Ep #037: Zachary Segal, Swaziland 2015-2017

April 3, 2018

Zachary Segal served as a Youth and Development volunteer, requiring him to take on many roles in his community. He gardened, built a library, and worked with community members with HIV/AIDS to develop small business projects. His service, however, had plenty of downtime filled with podcasts, walks through a neighboring game park, and sunsets enjoyed on his veranda. […]


Ep #036: Adam Rhoads, Jamaica 2003-2007

March 27, 2018

Adam spent all day tramping through the Jamaican forest, getting nearly lost, while searching for a potential new ecotourism site where seven rivers supposedly met. He never found the site of the seven rivers, but he discovered a lot during his three years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Jamacia. On this Episode: Working with […]


Ep #034: Shawna Thomas, Romania 2002-2004

March 13, 2018

How much do you hate cold showers? Well, imagine having to start a fire to fuel your hot water heater each time you wanted to take a warm shower. Oh, and it’s also below freezing outside. Shawna Thomas may miss Romania, but she doesn’t miss those cold showers. On this Episode: Traveling by train in […]

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