Rain, Rain – Chris Maxwell-Gaines, Suriname 2000-2002

April 30, 2019

Weather is often a notable aspect of a volunteer’s Peace Corps service. From snow to rain to lack-there-of, precipitation shapes the life of a volunteer and the communities they call home for two years. For Chris Maxwell-Gaines, weather continues to shape his life. On this week’s episode, we learn about Chris’s service in Suriname, his work with rain collection and water access, and how his service helped create his career. […]


From the JFK Library – John W. Bing, Afghanistan 1964-67

April 23, 2019

John W. Bing served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Afghanistan from 1964 to 1967 as an English teacher. Afterwards he worked on the Peace Corps staff in Afghanistan (1967), and at Peace Corps headquarters in Washington, D.C., as Regional Training Officer for the Middle East (1967-1968). […]


Artists of Peace Corps – Gina Larson, Kosovo 2018-Present

April 16, 2019

Looking for something to fill her time this past winter, as her fellow teachers in Kosovo were on strike, Gina Larson turned to Instagram. Rather than opting to fill her time with endless scrolling, she decided to create @artistofpeacecorps. Through her awesome micro blog, Gina shares art created by volunteers and the local artists in communities where volunteers serve. […]


Adventures Across Africa – Betsy Gallery, Cameroon 1963-1965

April 9, 2019

  Photos from Betsy’s Service Elizabeth (Betsy) Gallery’s Peace Corps Story Where and when did you serve? What did you do? Nkongsamba, East Cameroun 1963 What is one of your favorite Peace Corps memories? Seeing the tiny gazelle eating from our salad dishes in Yaounde where I spent some time with a French boyfriend. And […]


Introvert in the Peace Corps – Kate Martin, Peru 2006-2008

April 2, 2019

Serving as a volunteer provides numerous unforeseen challenges and is a job that requires you to be “at work” 24/7. For even the most outgoing of volunteers, this can become tiring. For those who consider themselves introverts, it can leave you utterly drained. Yet, Kate Martin, a self-described introvert, had an amazing service, despite the pull to always be out in her community. It all comes down to knowing how to make your service yours and working within your personality and skill set. […]