His uncle’s passing in the Peace Corps inspired him to serve – Darryl Glotfelty, Tanzania 2013-2016

August 28, 2018

Growing up, Darryl Glotfelty would look around the house at keepsakes that his parents had accumulated over the years, but was particularly drawn to a few objects that didn’t quite fit in with the Appalachian décor. The red drum, batiks, and picture of his uncle in his Togolese dress all piqued Darryl’s interest. Sadly, his uncle passed away during his Peace Corps service, before Darryl was born. Yet, he inspired Darryl to serve many years later. […]


Peace Corps to AmeriCorps – Emily Milcent, Indonesia 2016-2018

August 21, 2018

Service doesn’t stop when you close your service, and Emily Milcent is a perfect example. She spent two years teaching English in Indonesia and is now starting a new position as an AmeriCorps volunteer. We talk about her in time on Java, the most populated island in the world, her amazing post card project, and why you need rice with every meal. […]


Teaching English from Zambia to Japan -Shou Yuan, Zambia 2013-2016

August 14, 2018

After three years of serving as a rural education development volunteer in Zambia, where he taught English, Shou Yuan headed for rural Japan to continue teaching English. We talked over Skype during his recent visit home to the US, and explored the similarities and differences of teaching English and living in two very different countries.  […]


A Year in Review – Some of My Favorite Stories

August 7, 2018

Today marks a complete year of sharing stories of current and returned volunteers! It has been an amazing year, packed with even more amazing conversations. Each interview has filled me with energy and continually reaffirmed why I started this podcast. […]